Aerial Imagery: LiDar & Thermal

Raptor Solutions LLC is an expert Commercial Drone solutions provider. We are proficient in utilizing multiple flying platforms, cameras, sensors and software technologies towards the most challenging Commercial applications. Raptor Solutions LLC is an FAA 333 exempted organization and its professionals have Part 107 UAS certifications as well as being fully insured to provide commercial services.


Raptor Solutions provides multi-industry drone solutions.
With the latest technology, we will improve the safety in almost any industry, protecting the most
valuable assets (the employees). As America opens their minds to the possibilities of drone solutions,
Raptor Solutions will build programs utilizing the tools and expertise of the drone industry to enhance
safety, performance, reliability, and cost reduction efforts.

If there is ever a time to change the way we have always done it, IT IS NOW!


To improve lives and reduce risks involved with everyday functions.
Search and rescue/Firefighting assistance/wildlife management and protection/industrial
safety/surveillance and security



Wildlife Management

Our advanced technology paired with top of the line UAVs makes wildlife and ranch management a breeze!  Unlike other methods of survey or monitoring, drones allow an up-close look at your animals without disturbing their natural environment. We are also able to provide incredibly accurate census reports and track missing assets!  We offer both color and thermal high definition video and aerial imagery, ensuring detailed and accurate results!  Even if its hiding – Raptor can find it!

law creek
Real Estate

Looking to up your impact in the Real Estate Market?  Using high def video and imagery we can showcase your listing in a fresh and modern way!  Our military grade equipment allows us to deliver a flawless video production, setting you business apart from others.  With the ability to capture the property from almost any angle, we can customize your video towards your target market!  When the details matter - Raptor delivers!

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